Can we just talk about this little thing that makes me feel suuuuper vulnerable?

OMG a bio!
My boundaries feel so exposed.
My beliefs are right out there.
My balance is thrown into funhouse mirror proportions…

I feel really, really vulnerable when I’m asked to share my bio or send my accolades ahead of a speaking engagement. How much is too much? What if I don’t measure up? Who am I really to be this expert?

I stall. “Okay, I’ll work on that.”

My favorite delay, “My assistant will send it over to you.”

On the surface, I’ve built a multi-six figure revenue producing practice. I’ve generated 4 six figure launches in the last nine months alone. I’ve coached thousands of women to better businesses and powerful personal lives. But sometimes I still downplay and apologize for this success. Underneath, I question my title, my organization, my ability.

Ten years ago, I pulled our house out of foreclosure and paid off $22k in credit card debt in 6 months. We were BROKE with a capital B. And my deserve level was very low… I started THAT business with a negative bank account. There was a lot of fear around money, my ability to manifest opportunities, and create a positive cash flow. I STILL battle those dragons.

I’m a rape survivor. I was 13 when the 40 year old, head deacon at our church first molested me. That situation continued for 18 months before I had the courage to tell someone. There were years of therapy and deep work around my loss of innocence to finally forgive myself and my perpetrator.

Should you know that? It’s a significant part of my story and my journey to independence and female empowerment.

I’m a survivor and an advocate.

I’m not a perfect partner. I gave my first husband back… that was a relationship built on dysfunction, codependency, and youth. But the next guy! Oh man, 23 years later and it’s still lightning bolts when he whispers my name or grazes my arm. And yet, we have challenges. He is sensitive and creative and my best friend. I know I’m a workaholic and it can be difficult to live with me. When I asked him to become the primary stay at home parent 10 years ago I knew I was asking a lot.

I’m a mother, juggling all of it. Some days failing spectacularly. I love being a mother. But I’ve worked their entire lives. Their dad traveled a lot in those early years. I was often a semi-single parent when he was off on a project. And my kids don’t even like my toaster waffles. When he took over the parenting full-time our household transformed. Happy wife. Thriving kids.

It’s one of my greatest joys, watching these humans become their own people. Day trips with my teenagers are like vacations with best friends. Driving across country on college visits was the coolest road trip we could have imagined.

And I want you to know all of this about me because I’m more than just spreadsheets and webinars and earnings per lead. In my business, Mentorship and Community has changed my life. I want to invite you to share with us in our Divalution Nation. (But I know that you want to know who’s hosting this party.)

As we rise to the challenge of the last 90 days of this decade I also want to thank you for your support, friendship, and willingness to walk out this vulnerable journey with me.

Are you ready to rock the end of the decade? Give yourself over to the Busyness Detox and join us in our community.

🍀🌈💖🥰Love and Belief – TNT

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