It’s the close of the decade. 

More than just a typical year end. 

And today was a moment to pause. Our family festivities began on December 22nd with my parents’ 52nd wedding anniversary, then the eve of Christmas Eve, and went straight on through to the celebration of our newly minted 20 year old on Dec 26th. The weekend was filled with friends and family. Today was quiet and slow by comparison. 

Happy Monday. Happy December 30th. I honestly wasn’t sure what day it was until about 7pm yesterday. Oh, right, #snuggleweek.

True story. I slept late everyday. I’ve had a slow brunch, then topped it off with Christmas cookies and a mint mocha coffee. Every. Day. 

I’m STILL in my pajamas. I spent the last couple of days writing out my gratitude, reflecting on lessons learned, and preparing to SLAY 2020. (Mostly from a supine position, but planning nonetheless.) I wasn’t distracted, and it was so nice to have nowhere to be and no one to respond to. 

I’m making an effort to reflect and recharge and refocus on what it is most important for us in the 12 months ahead. 2020 is the TIME FOR US. Personally and professionally. 

Because it’s WE NOT ME. It’s our family, our clients, our team. To that end we started our 12 DAYS of COACHMAS and we invite you to join us in this easy bridge across the decade and the close of the year. To introduce you to our coaches, our support staff, and our family. 

WE are moving together. 

Our Divalution Nation has doubled in numbers in 2019. We crossed some big milestones financially. And supported more clients and students in 2019 than the entirety of the three years that came before. 2020 marks our fifth full-time year and the celebration of our 4th annual online Success Summit. BYOG 2020. 

But today is pajamas and cheesecake and more leftovers. Family game night will pickup where we left off last night. 

Tomorrow our clients will experience another Day of COACHMAS. And just as this weekend was an invite to replay our HALT THE HUSTLE, today and tomorrow we will encourage everyone to ring every last drop out of 2019 and celebrate the 2010s.

I’m celebrating US (You and Me and our Success Squad) and making decisions about our next decade. 2019 was my “OPEN” year. I agreed to do more, experience more, open up to new ways and new learning. 2020 is my year of “YES AND…” I’m committed to focus on the WE in every opportunity, partnership, and collaboration. 

I’m so glad you’re here. And I wanted to write about it in the Divalution Diaries. 

It’s that season when we sit down to reflect and share our gratitude. I’m grateful for the lessons and the love. I wanted to catch you up if you haven’t heard already… about our pets and people and new pursuits. 

🌎 1 – Ending the decade and opening up to another adventure 

My Facebook feed was filled with memories and milestones this year. I just celebrated 10 years on the platform, a space and a home where I found my voice and discovered a new way to work. Everyday, I made it a practice to open up my memories “On this day” and say a prayer of gratitude. 

We celebrated the close of our fourth year as TNT DIVALUTION and looked in awe at the Divalution Nation that grew up around us. My little $39 workshop has blossomed into a home for owners and entrepreneurs to build and thrive. Everything I’ve ever done in my professional life has been preparing me for this. The year of OPEN was expansive. 

👸🏽 2 – The brilliance of our Success Squad 

We welcomed 9 new coaches into our community to support our members. I am so grateful to these women for agreeing to work with me. All brilliant and powerful and strong entrepreneurs in their fields. I still can’t believe they agreed to join me on this adventure but their impact will creating tides of change. Add in our 3 member mentors and you have 12 fantastic mentors. 

🐱 3 – We have a CATTEN, His Cat Friday 

Fourth of July weekend she stumbled into our lives and she and the French Bulldog, the foster spaniel, and the old Puggle have formed an alliance that is documentary worthy. Animals really know how to love. I watched them expand their little tribe and understood that friendships can happen even when traditionalists warn you,”It will never work.” 

🥰 4 – Our bada$$ Team TNT Divalution 

I am over the moon about these brilliant babes. 

Most especially, this year I brought on two super smart ladies to create a beautiful space to better help our clients. Emily Bergsagel, our Online Business Manager, and Shannon Furlong, our Client Care Support Specialist. 

Safiyyah Cummings took over as Community Manager of our Beauty Academy and Magda Pecsenye stepped up as our Senior Community Coach.

🌈 6 – Our students and clients 

You could choose any of the coaches out there, and I still pinch myself that this is the work I get to do. I’m always honored when women decide to work with me and our Success Squad. It’s a privilege to support over 400 entrepreneurs this year inside our communities and adding another 2,000 DivaBosses to the Nation. 

✈️ 7 – Traversing the country

In the last three months alone we’ve driven over 7,000 miles. We’re crossing cities and landmarks off our lists. I love traveling with Prince Charming. He takes selfies with servers and overtips housekeeping because he’s so grateful that we’re in a position to adventure this way. I love watching him make a perfect stranger feel like family when he invites them to join us at our table in a crowded coffee shop.

January will find us back in California and the Carolinas again. I cannot wait to see more of our Divalution Nation in person at popup meetups!!! Hugging on each and everyone of you is like coming home to a sister. 

🧚🏼‍♂️8 – Discovering more about myself

So turns out I’m a 3 on the ENNEAGRAM and my mind was kinda’ blown. Which explains a lot about my Go Hard and Crash cycle. I’m taking responsibility for being a workaholic and owning my ability to change that.

I’m an ENFP on the MyersBriggs and I did a much deeper dive into this whole concept this year. And I embraced a robust trek with my biz bestie Magda through personality test and tools we shared with our community. 

The closer I get to 50 the more I feel at home in my own skin. Here’s to more authenticity. 

🐲 9 – We became a Million Dollar Brand

Our little online community grew and grew and grew. We officially crossed the seven figure revenue mark. Now our goal is to create that in 2020 with more impact and more engagement and more clients making MONEY MOVES. 

There are so many new opportunities and possibilities and I cannot wait to see what this decade brings. And 2020 in particular. 

🌹10 – We created a beautiful home for our programs in BYOB 

BRING YOUR OWN BUSINESS is our signature offering, our coaching community, and the culmination of two decades building businesses. It now holds over 30 courses and programs and we be the centerpiece to our next phase of growth. It is the home I was looking for when I started my online working life. It was exactly what I wanted when I started out a decade ago. 

You can build your belief, your bank, and your online brand with us in this community. We are here for you for a solid 12 months of mentorship and coaching. I love this program and can’t believe it took me so long to put it out into the world. But I’m sooooo glad it’s here now. And I’m so glad YOU are part of our Divalution Nation and this next decade together.