One of my clients broke up with her family last week.

Cut the ties. Said goodbye. Even blocked a few people on her accounts.

She and her husband are great. She has a magnificent relationship with her kids. But her extended family just cannot celebrate her entrepreneurial journey.

Not only can they not celebrate it, they cannot keep their criticisms quiet. 

So she broke up with them. 

And then she asked inside our community if it was bad or childish or shortsighted to step out of these family relationships? And who would support her if her family didn’t?

Maybe this is happening to you today.

Did you just announce your new podcast, your desire to open an Etsy shop, an interest in starting something of your own?

I’m telling you what I told her. 

We the creators, the mompreneurs, the side hustlers, the late night CEOs, the BossBabes, and the weirdos who want to go our own way are here for you.

Let us be your family.

Sometimes you just have to take a step back… and gather a little data, do a quick assessment. Because unless your family or enthusiastic friend is overseeing a trust in the “two comma club,” I wouldn’t sweat their advice or give much weight to their helpful observations. And even if the trust fund is hefty, you have to protect your peace first.

I love this process from Master Certified Life Coach and Founder of the Life Coach School, Brooke Castillo. I use this process daily with clients and with myself.

Here’s her 5 Steps to assess any situation in your life or business and my questions for you around these steps.

Identify where you are in this process:

1.  Circumstances

These are the externals, the things or experiences that you cannot control, but they may be affecting you and influencing you. What’s within your control? If you cannot control this, what can you do to release it?

2.  Thoughts

These are brought on by your circumstances, stories, history, conditioning, beliefs and they lead to your feelings. What are you thinking? Are these thoughts serving you?

3.  Feelings

How you feel is connected to your thoughts and they can keep you stuck inside your issues or release you from challenges. But if you’re stuck in the feeling, what are the thoughts underlying those feelings? Are they your thoughts or someone else’s thoughts?

4.  Actions

Your thoughts and feelings move you to activity. That being said, is it the best activity for what you want? Are you in motion yet? Are you stuck back in the feelings or the thoughts or the circumstances? Are you stopping yourself from actions? What can you shift?

5.  Results

Your results are a direct correlation to your actions. The right amount of time on the right activities will bring you the correct results or desired results. Do you know what results you’re aiming for?

Your family doesn’t define you. Your friends from another lifetime ago, don’t dictate your progress. Create a circle that supports you.

Protect your peace.

A diverse group of business besties

You’re owning your power and your choices. And we are here for you.

I wanted a forum and club that I wish I’d had when I started growing online, when I felt overwhelmed trying to figure it all out. The power of this community is that you are supporting each other. And bringing your gifts to this group.

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